Manny’s Issues

charter-schools HJR 759 Charter Schools

Florida charter school reforms are back under consideration. The state board of education shall direct the Department of Education to establish a statewide system for the

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red-light-camera Help Stop Red Light Camera

Help Representative Manny Diaz Jr. fight against Red Light Cameras. Your opinion counts!

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blasting-icon Help Stop the Effects of Rock Mining Blasting

The various negative effects of rock mining blasting and the sense of frustration and helplessness felt by our constituents have reached a fever pitch, and using executive authority to

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charter-schools REDUCE OUR TOLLS

Excessive tolling is causing economic hardship for Miami Dade County families and threatening our quality

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supportSupport the People of Venezuela

Since being elected president, Maduro’s policies have led to widespread crime and poverty in Venezuela, leading many

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