Help Stop the Effects of Rock Mining Blasting

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Thanks to people like you, Manny Diaz Jr. was able to gain the support of State Legislative Leaders to File Legislation that will address the concerns of the community regarding Rock Mining Blasting.

Our job is not finished just yet, please continue to support Manny Diaz Jr. in his efforts to protect our community and our property values.

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Manny Diaz

The various negative effects of rock mining blasting and the sense of frustration and helplessness felt by our constituents have reached a fever pitch, and using executive authority to address the issue cannot wait any longer. I want to make myself completely available and helpful to you in addressing this issue.

Our concerns with the rock mining have been the blasting impact, water safety and accountability. Our legislation and the continued effort of us working together will make sure we address those concerns.

Join this movement and help stop the effects of rock mining blasting.

Our goal is to:

  • Lower blasting intensity
  • Push blasting zones away from residential areas
  • Institute a fund to repay blasting damages
  • Ensure transparency on blasting levels and schedules

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Join this movement and help stop the effects of rock mining blasting.




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During the 2015 Legislative Session in Tallahassee, State Representative Manny Diaz Jr. and State Senator Rene Garcia, who represent the Town of Miami Lakes and Palm Springs North (PSN), took the initial step by sponsoring legislation that added language to House Bill 359 (Miami-Dade Lake Belt Plan), which allows the state’s Fire Marshall, who controls the frequency of blasting, to initiate a study on the level of the explosions, and how to investigate and pay legitimate claims to property owners…

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