Today, Manny Diaz announced that he plans to file a bill to protect South Florida homes from the impact of rock mine blasting near residential areas. The legislation will have three objectives: reduce blasting intensity and frequency; move blasting zones further from residential areas; and require compensation for citizens for blasting damage. Last year, Diaz and Senator Rene Garcia secured funding for a study of the issue that the bill will be based on. The study is scheduled for completion by June 30 of this year.

“We have been fighting this for years, and it’s time to get a bill that finally passes both the House and the Senate,” said Diaz. “Palm Springs North, Miami Lakes, Northwest Miami-Dade, Miramar, and Doral all suffer these powerful blasts up to three times a week. I’m confident that the completed study will validate what we’ve been experiencing in our homes on a regular basis, and I look forward to the opportunity to finally address this issue and provide relief for these communities once and for all.”

There is widespread support for Diaz’s proposed legislation across the community. The Palm Springs North Civic Association has indicated support, and Frank Mingo, Vice-Mayor of the Town of Miami Lakes, filed a blasting resolution that was fully supported by Mayor Manny Cid and the Town Council. The City of Miramar under Mayor Wayne Messam have also addressed their concerns with blasting. CFO and State Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis’s office was helpful in securing the $300,000 in funding for the study and ensuring its on-time completion.

The plan is to find an effective way to file legislation while actively working with influential community leaders. The Legislative Task Force will be reviewing the findings of the study and help Diaz craft legislation. Members include Miami Lakes Josh Dieguez, Albert Aguiar, Daissys Estrada, Country Club and Community Councilman Alex Rizo, and more names to be added from Miramar, Doral, and Palm Springs North.

Diaz was first elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2012 and is seeking the District 36 seat in the Florida Senate.

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